Women Runners Experience Knee Pain

Women Runners Experience Knee Pain | Of Course Running is Good but…

Knee pain is common in runners, especially female runners. Most of the cases of knee pain that I see in women in my San Diego chiropractic clinic are caused by running. Not that running is bad for you, but how and where you do it can cause pain in the knee joint.

Knee PainRunning is a common form of exercise in San Diego – to get an idea of how popular it is all you have to do is go down to the boardwalk any Saturday or Sunday morning and you will probably see more runners than anything else. People use running as an aerobic activity to help them lose weight and stay in shape, but running does have some drawbacks. As a chiropractor, the patients that I see with knee pain are those who use running as their primary source of exercise. Many of these people also spend most of their running time on pavement or concrete. The combination of too much running (over 15 miles per week) and running on hard, unforgiving surfaces sets the stage for chronic irritation of the joint and stress injuries.

Women Runners Experience Knee Pain

Typical symptoms associated with knee pain is sharp or achy pain that is normally located behind the kneecap. That being said, women runners experience knee pain along the outside and the inside of the knee as well. Knee pain often comes on while running or jogging or shortly afterward. Once the knee joint is irritated enough the pain can become constant and a source of pain even while walking, especially with walking stairs and hills. In some patients, knee joint pain can cause swelling of the joint and creaking sensations behind the kneecap.

Women runners experience knee pain for many reasons including:

  • Irregular Patella Tracking (more common in women)
  • Weakness of the Muscles on the inside of the Knee
  • Knock-knees (more common in women)
  • Falls on the Knees
  • Deep Squats (exercise)

Women runners experience knee pain for a reason – once that (those) reason(s) are found a treatment can begin. Treatment from a chiropractor for knee pain is typically very effective. Even so, in order for any therapy to be effective, the offending activity has to be temporarily eliminated or at least severely limited. Ideally, knee pain prevention is the best approach – for more on preventing knee pain follow this link to a good video on Runner’s World. Treatment for knee pain in my office starts with chiropractic treatment including knee joint manipulations, physiotherapy, nutritional support and specific knee joint strengthening exercises when appropriate.

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