Neck Whiplash Treatment

Car accidents are common causes of whiplash and neck pain. Treatment for whiplash injuries, minor or severe, is critical because neck pain can impact your activity level for the rest of your life. Almost every day I provide whiplash treatment to patients who were injured in car accidents, failed to get timely treatment and now suffer chronic pain and stiffness from their old injuries.

Whiplash Treatment and neck pain…

Whiplash and neck painWhiplash and neck pain go hand in hand because the muscles in the neck are small and unable to withstand the g-forces that are generated during a car accident. During the whiplash phase of a car accident, the muscles and ligaments that move and support the neck are over-stretched and sometimes Whiplash and neck paintorn which causes pain, stiffness and in many cases disability. After the injury, your muscles, ligaments, and joints get inflamed which causes pain, spasms and – with time – scar tissue formation. This process leads to the chronic pain and stiffness that are associated with whiplash and neck pain.

In order to relieve your current pain and help avoid future episodes of pain and stiffness is to get whiplash treatment for your car accident injuries as soon as possible.

Every time you are in public you will see people who have to turn their whole body in order to be able to see behind them. For many of these people, the stiffness in their neck is due to scar tissue formation and muscle tightness that was caused by past injuries. With time, untreated conditions that cause neck pain can lead to arthritis which is a permanent condition. That is why whiplash treatment is so important.

Chiropractic treatment is effective for many patients who have neck pain and whiplash because chiropractic care not only helps reduce your current pain but it also helps reduce scar tissue, improve flexibility and maintain range of motion.

At my San Diego chiropractic clinic, we have provided whiplash treatment for hundreds if not thousands of patients who suffer from neck pain and other car accident injuries. I have found that chiropractic whiplash treatment combined with specific stretches and exercises is an extremely effective combination of therapies for treating whiplash and neck pain.

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