Treating Severe Low Back Pain

As a chiropractor in San Diego, treating severe low back pain is part of my daily routine. Unfortunately, there is a percentage of patients who ignore their symptoms and let their health problems worsen before they seek treatment. Treating severe low back pain takes more care and attention than typical examples of low back pain and results don’t come as fast as some would like. That is why I always recommend that patients take their symptoms seriously and don’t delay getting treatment.

Severe low back pain can result from a single injury or more likely a chronic condition that patients have learned to manage on their own. Our bodies are capable of compensating for small injuries but with time, these injuries have a cumulative effect and at some point, the body can no longer cope with the ongoing stress. At this point, there is sufficient irritation and inflammation as to trigger local muscle spasms and pain. Once this protective mechanism is activated, it is nearly impossible to go through your day without discomfort and some level of disability. These characteristics are the main difference between treating severe low back pain and typical low back pain.

Treating Severe Low Back Pain

Treating severe low back pain with chiropractic treatment is initially focused on reducing inflammation and decreasing muscle spasm. It is important initially to focus on inflammation because inflammation drives your nervous systems perception of pain. After this first objective is met, Low Back Painyour chiropractic treatment will focus on improving the range of motion of the affected joints. Once you have full, pain-free range of motion of the joints you will be given a set of specific exercises and stretches that will help you attain a level a health that is greater than the level you had prior to your injury.

Treating severe low back pain at my office includes muscle stimulation, ultrasound and chiropractic adjustments (within your comfort zone) as well as specific therapies that you perform at home such as icing and resting the affected area as well as limiting any aggravating activities that you are able to identify. There are other factors that contribute to the severity of low back pain that you will be encouraged to limit or eliminate such as consumption of caffeine, sugar, and smoking.

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