Treating Knee Pain

Treating knee pain can be difficult because as you know the knee is a weight-bearing joint. Most weight-bearing joints are difficult to treat because so long as we are up and around the joint is being stressed – the knee is no different. That being said, during my years as a San Diego Chiropractor, I have seen most of my patients with knee pain improve as long as a few simple rules are followed.

The First Rule of Treating Knee Pain

Treating Knee PainThe first rule of treating knee pain is to identify and eliminate the stressful activities that are causing the knee pain. This seems like simple advice that falls into the “if it hurts don’t do it” category of obvious medical advice but it truly is helpful. Some patients adhere to the idea of “working through the pain” but this philosophy hardly ever produces the desired results and can often lead to incomplete healing and excessive scar tissue build up making you prone to future injury.

Treating knee pain in runners is challenging because people who run for aerobic exercise HATE to stop. Over my years in practice, I have treated lots of people who run for exercise and with rare exception, they almost always stop running in favor of another exercise that is less damaging. Because of the nature of running, the knees seem to take the most punishment. If you are a runner who is experiencing knee pain it would benefit you greatly to stop running – at least in the short term in order to allow the joint to begin healing.

The Second Rule of Treating Knee Pain

The second rule of treating knee pain is to be consistent with therapy. At my San Diego chiropractic clinic, we focus our treatment on reducing inflammation/swelling while maintaining range of motion. Since most patients tend to aggravate their knee pain with their daily activities – even if it is just being up and walking around – therapy has to be performed consistently in order to counteract the daily aggravations and speed healing. Since daily treatment in the office is not practical, patients have to perform some therapies at home every day.

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