Treating Back Pain

One of the more frequent treatments I perform in my San Diego Chiropractic clinic is treating back pain. Statistics indicate that nearly 80% of our population will suffer from back pain during the course of their lives. Because these statistics are grim regarding your chance of injuring your back, I believe that treating back pain begins with prevention.

Treating Back Pain With Chiropractic Care

Treating Back PainTreating low back pain with chiropractic care doesn’t always simply rely on chiropractic adjustments. Like I mentioned earlier, treating back pain begins with prevention.  Prevention of back pain mandates that you are careful with your back – especially with lifting, carrying and exposing yourself to the stresses of bad posture.  We tend to act with no regard to the health of our backs until they are injured – then it is too late.

Once you have injured your low back you need to rest and focus on reducing inflammation. It is also important for you to gain an understanding as to how you injured your back so you can avoid repeating that same mistake in the future. Treating back pain with chiropractic care includes therapies to help reduce inflammation and improve the range of motion of the joints in your back.

Treating Back PainTreatment for back pain does not end with a handful of chiropractic visits, however. In order to reduce your chances of experiencing back pain in the future, you will have started to stretches and exercises that will add strength, flexibility, and stability to your back.

Particular exercises that help strengthen the back include rowing exercises, bridge exercises, and Superman poses.

Rowing exercises  help develop strength between the shoulder blades.  When these muscles are weak the shoulders round forward and the head shifts forward.

Treating Back PainBridge exercises help build strength in the lower back and in the gluteal muscles.  Weak gluteal muscles are implicated in nearly all cases of low back pain.  Successfully treating low back pain requires strengthening the glutes.

Treating Back PainSuperman pose helps strengthen all of the extensor muscles of the spine.  These muscles are important “core” muscles as they help hold your spine upright.  Weak core muscles are sure to contribute to back pain.


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