Things You Should Know About Whiplash Pain

Things You Should Know About Whiplash Pain

Whiplash PainWhiplash pain is a term used to describe the soft tissue injuries of the neck that can occur when the neck moves in an abnormal way. First, unlike a broken bone or joint injury, this pain is often undetectable by an x-ray or another imaging device. One thing characteristic of the pain is that it can be pretty mild for a day or two and then become more severe.

The first observational study of whiplash injury to use a control group has shown that the intensity of whiplash pain is low, but its frequency is high, and compared to similar types of pain from an ankle injury, it lasts longer and produces more disability. Continue reading “Things You Should Know About Whiplash Pain”

Relieve Pain From Whiplash Neck Pain

What Are The Treatments For Whiplash Neck Pain?

Whiplash Neck Pain

Whiplash neck pain is an injury that occurs to the cervical spine when the head has been rapidly forced backward or forward. Whiplash neck pain is one of the most difficult conditions to treat and certainly to fully cure. Recovery from whiplash neck pain will typically take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month.

The pain associated with whiplash neck can be sharp or dull and may increase with movement or sustained postures (for example, sitting at a computer in poor posture). As a result, a whiplash neck can involve what seems to be every single muscle in the neck. An injury to the whiplash neck can be prolonged or painful.

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Chronic Whiplash Pain – At Home Care

A large percentage of our patients who complain of on-going neck pain have a history of whiplash.  Since from a medical standpoint, any pain that lasts longer than 3 months is considered chronic, most of these patients suffer from what can be described as chronic whiplash pain.   At my San Diego Chiropractic clinic, chronic whiplash pain is always treated with a combination of in office therapy and at home therapies that you, the patient, completes on their own.  Many of the at home therapies that we give to our patients will be used by them on and off for years into the future because chronic pain tends to recur with or without provocation.

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