Knee Pain Treatments At Home From San Diego Chiropractor

Effective At Home Knee Pain Treatments

Knee pain can be debilitating.  Thankfully, knee pain treatments at home can be very effective.  Since knees are weight bearing joints, they are exposed to lots of stress.  Stress on weight bearing joints causes irritation, inflammation and pain.  The knee joint is made up of bone, cartilage, ligaments and tendons – all of which can be injured and become a source of pain.  That being said, there are many causes of knee pain that are simply do to superficial tissues that have become irritated an inflamed.  If you can cause an increase in your knee pain simply by pushing on the outside of the joint with your thumbs or fingers, then chances are that your pain is minor in nature. Continue reading “Knee Pain Treatments At Home From San Diego Chiropractor”

Treating Knee Pain

Treating knee pain can be difficult because as you know the knee is a weight-bearing joint. Most weight-bearing joints are difficult to treat because so long as we are up and around the joint is being stressed – the knee is no different. That being said, during my years as a San Diego Chiropractor, I have seen most of my patients with knee pain improve as long as a few simple rules are followed.

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