Tension Headaches Knowledge Shared by San Diego Chiropractor

Tension Headache Knowledge Shared

Tension Headaches KnowledgeA tension headache is the most common type of a headache. It is pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck, usually associated with muscle tightness in these areas. The cause of a tension headache is not known.

Tension headaches are divided into two main categories episodic and chronic.

If a diagnosis of chronic tension headache is made or suspected, prescription medications may be used in an effort to lessen the frequency and decrease the severity of the headaches.

If a patient has both a tension headache and migraine, then the tension headache is part of the patient’s migraine disease and all of the patient’s headaches are really a form of their migraines. Continue reading “Tension Headaches Knowledge Shared by San Diego Chiropractor”

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