How Chiropractors Treat Cervicogenic Headaches?

Chiropractic Management Of Cervicogenic Headaches!

Cervicogenic HeadachesCervicogenic headaches are classified as a secondary headache due to the pain arising from the neck as opposed to the head. The primary nerve in the cervical region associated with cervicogenic headaches is the occipital nerve, located at the base of the skull. one of the main treatments for cervicogenic headaches is addressing the pain generator.

The first step to treating cervicogenic headaches is correctly identifying the source. The most common cause of cervicogenic headaches is the lack of support by key postural muscles causing increased stress on overactive muscles. Other than receiving a diagnosis from a healthcare specialist, a frequent symptom of cervicogenic headaches is tenderness or pain in your neck. Continue reading “How Chiropractors Treat Cervicogenic Headaches?”

Stress Headaches – How to Deal?

How Chiropractor Manage A Stress Headaches?

Stress HeadachesThe main treatment for stress headaches is reducing your stress levels and treatment of common stress headaches is generally effective. The key to elimination of stress headaches is to prevent them. Stress headaches are the result of abnormal contractions or spasms of neck and scalp muscles.

Suffering from headaches due to sinus, tension or stress headaches is a serious situation. One of the typical reasons for stress headaches is not getting adequate rest. Another way people manage their tension or stress headaches is through massage. Stress headaches are the result of abnormal contractions or spasms of neck and scalp muscles.  Continue reading “Stress Headaches – How to Deal?”

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