Scoliosis Curvature Posture: Causes And Treatments

How Scoliosis Curvature Posture Treated By Chiropractors?

Scoliosis Curvature PostureScoliosis curvature posture is usually in the thoracic or thoracolumbar spine (upper back or mid back), if a rib hump or asymmetry of the lumbar spine is found, or if the shoulders are different heights, it is possible that the individual has scoliosis. The scoliosis curvature posture is typically lateral in nature, meaning that it shifts the spine to one side or another in an S or C shape. is condition is also associated with poor posture; in fact, scoliosis is the cause of poor posture in many cases.

A scoliosis curvature posture is so extreme (often resembling the letter C or S) that it can impact normal functionality and lead to a good deal of back pain. On the other hand, if the scoliosis curvature is within a certain range, there are various options available such as rehabilitation, physiotherapy, chiropractic and spinal bracing. Adults may develop functional scoliosis curvature posture in the presence of severe muscle spasm caused by muscle strain, another injury, or degeneration of the spine. Continue reading “Scoliosis Curvature Posture: Causes And Treatments”

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