Three Easy Posture Fixes

Posture Fixes In Three Easy Steps

Posture fixes are necessary for most people who have neck and upper back pain and tension.  Bad posture is hard to avoid.  Smart phones, computers, lap tops, kindles and other electronic devices force us into unhealthy postures that stress the neck and upper back between the shoulders causing pain, stiffness and headaches.  Chiropractic care helps most people to reduce the muscle tension that comes with postural stress but it also takes some work on the patient’s part to make lasting improvements.  Patients that I treat for pain that originates from bad posture need to be proactive in their efforts to reduce their stress.  Continue reading “Three Easy Posture Fixes”

Running Causes Low Back Pain

Low back pain caused by running is a common complaint that I treat in my San Diego chiropractic clinic. Running causes low back pain because of the impact forces that running puts through your low back. That being said, running has many benefits but you must heed the warning signs.

Continue reading “Running Causes Low Back Pain”

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