Chiropractic Care For Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in San Diego

 Patellofemoral Pain SyndromePatellofemoral pain syndrome can be defined as a Retro-patellar (behind the kneecap) or Peripatellar (around the kneecap) pain, resulting from physical and biomechanical changes on the patellofemoral joint. Patellofemoral pain syndrome can cause high-level athletes to miss out on their sporting activities because healthcare professionals do not know exactly how to treat the pain.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome can be relieved by avoiding activities that make symptoms worse, such as sitting or kneeling in the bent-knee position for long periods of time and bent-knee exercises, such as squats, deep knee bends, or 90-degree leg extensions. Continue reading “Chiropractic Care For Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome”

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