How to Cope When You Have Stooped Posture

How To Stooped Posture?

Stooped PostureStooped posture or curved spine is one that fails to develop normal front-to-back arches, causing undue weight to be carried on the vertebral discs. The curve in the spine or the backbone that causes it to curve forward and look stooped or hunched is called kyphosis. A stooped posture is a common postural problem in older people. A curved spine is also more prone to disk disease and arthritis.

Stooped posture is found to affect the ligaments and spinal muscles, increasing the spines risk of injury. If the stooped posture is very severe, the nerves of the spine can become compressed, which can cause severe back pain. While a mild stooped posture is a common characteristic of Parkinsonian conditions, some MSA patients with trunk muscle dystonia develop an extremely forward-bent posture known as camptocormia.

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