Sciatic Nerve – Sciatic Nerve Pain, Insurance Approved

The Sciatic Nerve and Your Back

Sciatic Nerve PainLower back pain or pain that travels any distance down your leg is likely related to the sciatic nerve (aka sciatic n.). These nerves (one for each leg) are formed by a merging of the nerve roots that exit from the five vertebrae that shape your lower back.  The sciatic nerve is responsible for transmitting all the information from your brain to each leg and likewise from your leg up to your brain.

If you happen to drop a weight on your foot, this is the nerve that relays the painful sensation from your leg to your brain. In the scenario from the last sentence, it is the sciatic nerve that also carries the nervous impulse from your brain down to your leg allowing you to pull your injured foot away from the weight.    Continue reading “Sciatic Nerve – Sciatic Nerve Pain, Insurance Approved”

Treating Pinched Nerves

Treating pinched nerves is common practice for chiropractors. Pinched nerves in the neck can cause pain, numbness and tingling and weakness in the arms and hands. When the pinched nerve occurs in the lower back, similar symptoms are found in the legs which are referred to as sciatica.

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