Causes And Treatment For Your Kyphosis Posture

Chiropractic Treatment For Kyphosis Posture

Causes And Treatment For Your Kyphosis PostureKyphosis posture will reduce the gap even further, one of the reasons people look heavier when they slouch.  Kyphosis posture is neither good for the spine, nor for your height and this occurs because of kyphosis posture is not merely due to the bending of the bones. A kyphosis posture is often associated with a slouched position.  This kind of posture can cause back or neck pain, and lead to limited activity due to back discomfort.

The most common symptoms for patients with an abnormal kyphosis are the appearance of poor posture with a hump appearance of the back or “hunchback. Most teens wear back braces until they stop growing and the kyphosis is unlikely to progress. Most patients with kyphosis are first observed to see if the curve increases in size over time. Continue reading “Causes And Treatment For Your Kyphosis Posture”

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