How To Choose A Healthy Backpack For Your Child

A Healthy Backpack For Your Child

A  Healthy Backpackhealthy backpack can reduce the chance that a child will develop early back, shoulder, neck and muscle strain. Adds Paisley, which can lead to more serious structural problems such as lower back pain, scoliosis, kyphosis or reduced spinal mobility later in life. A healthy backpack leaves with your child in the morning and stays with him until he gets home and it’s essential for holding supplies, books, and lunch.

The key to a healthy backpack is thinking small, lightweight and kid-friendly and will make it easier for you to bring the necessities. It is most important for proper handling that the healthy backpack has a very easy location to grab that is strong enough for grabbing, and that all the loose straps be tied or clipped together. Regularly wiping down your backpack will help minimize dirt build up but sometimes only a proper clean will do.   Continue reading “How To Choose A Healthy Backpack For Your Child”

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