Treatment For Your Acute Neck Pain

How To Ease The Pain of Acute Neck Pain

Acute Neck PainAcute neck pain is defined as any neck pain that has lasted less than three months. This kind of neck pain is abrupt, intense pain that can radiate to the head, shoulders, arms, or hands. Complete resolution of acute neck pain is not as common as previously reported, and the efficacy of conservative therapies such as physical therapy and exercise attenuates with time.

Acute neck pain is usually described as a sudden locking while turning the head or following sustained periods of looking up or down. Neck pain is anecdotally thought to carry a favorable prognosis. This neck pain is very common and usually nothing to worry about. One serious type of acute neck pain is whiplash – the sudden jarring motion of your head going backward and forward.  Continue reading “Treatment For Your Acute Neck Pain”

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