Charcot Foot Is A Serious Foot Disorder

How  Can Charcot Foot Treated?

Charcot FootCharcot foot is the most important management strategy and could arrest the progression to deformity. A Charcot’s foot is characterized by varying degrees of bone and joint disorganization secondary to underlying neuropathy, trauma, and perturbations of bone metabolism.   Early diagnosis of Charcot’s foot is extremely important for successful treatment

Charcot’s foot is a condition causing weakening of the bones in the foot that can occur in people who have significant nerve damage (neuropathy). A Charcot’s foot is a serious condition that can lead to severe deformity, disability, and even amputation.  The acute Charcot foot is usually painless and may mimic cellulitis or deep venous thrombosis. Continue reading “Charcot Foot Is A Serious Foot Disorder”

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