Tendonitis – What It Is And What To Do To Resolve It?

What is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis, also known as tendinitis, is a painful condition that affects your muscles and tendons.  In medical language, words that contain “itis” at the end of the named condition always implies inflammation.  Tendinitis is no exception.  Tendons connect muscles to bone and can become irritated and inflamed when exposed to the kinds of repetitive stress that are found in work and sports.  Common activities that cause tendinitis include keyboarding, tennis, throwing sports, meat cutting and playing musical instruments.  Continue reading “Tendonitis – What It Is And What To Do To Resolve It?”

Pinched Nerve Symptoms

Pinched Nerve Causes

If you have a pinched nerve you may experience neck pain that travels down your arm or back pain that runs down your leg.  Pinched nerves can occur whenever abnormal pressure, constriction or stretch is applied to a nerve by surrounding bones, cartilage, muscles or tendons. This increased pressure interferes with the nerve’s function, resulting in pain, tingling, numbness or weakness. Some frequently diagnosed examples of pinched nerves include sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Ergonomics – It’s All About The Right Set Up

How Do Ergonomics Affect Your Body?

Ergonomics is a study that concerns itself with making your work environment fit your physical needs.  In regard to computer work, this means making sure that your desk is at the right height, that your monitor is positioned correctly, that your keyboard is in the right location and that your mouse is within easy reach.  Of course this is a short list of what makes your work station ergonomic.

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Carpal Tunnel – What it is and How to Treat It

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wrist pain, numbness in the hands, tingling, shoulder pain, loss of grip strength and hand pain at night can all be signs that you are suffering from a common condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.  This condition is often caused by excessive keyboard use, poor posture and other repetitive movements of the shoulder, arm, wrist and hand. Continue reading “Carpal Tunnel – What it is and How to Treat It”

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