Shoulder Pain Treatments

Shoulder Pain Treatments are for my Patients, Not for Me… Until Recently That Is . . .

I have performed many shoulder pain treatments in my San Diego Chiropractic Clinic but until recently had no personal experience with it. Unfortunately, all of that changed last Wednesday morning.

My shoulder pain began with a slight “twinge”

that I experienced during my pre-work exercise routine. I was doing military presses with dumbbells when I felt the “twinge” across the top of my left shoulder but honestly, it was nothing that I hadn’t felt in the past.

Shoulder Pain Treatments

Throughout the morning my left shoulder a little sore so I used ice packs on it between patients and during lunch I had my assistant do an ultrasound on it. This is when my informal shoulder pain treatment began.

By the end of the day, I could barely move my shoulder without sharp pain and I had an extremely hard time getting any quality sleep because of the pain in my left shoulder. I spent the next four days icing it constantly through the day and night and the following Monday I had an orthopedic evaluation that led to a diagnosis of “impingement syndrome of the left shoulder”.

Shoulder impingement

Let me tell you something, for those who don’t have personal experience, impingement hurts! In fact, my orthopedist said that it is one of the most painful conditions of the shoulder. I couldn’t wait for my shoulder pain treatments to begin!


So as of the date of this post, I am one week past the date of injury. The pain intensity has decreased by 75%, I have regained about 50% of my range of motion and I am sleeping through the whole night. What a joy! Sometimes little things such as a painless night’s sleep can be taken for granted.

Tomorrow morning I will see my acupuncturist for the second time and on Friday my personal experience with chiropractic care and shoulder pain treatment will begin. This shoulder pain should only get better by the day from this point on. I must say that of all the aches and pains that I have suffered to this point in my life this is the one I am most looking forward to getting past – of course, it is the pain that I currently have.

The American Chiropractic Association has more information on shoulder pain treatments here.

I always joke with my patients that when I experience pain it renews my understanding of the pain they are experiencing. After his shoulder injury, I can say without hesitation that I have a better understanding of the pain and disability that my patients experience with shoulder pain.

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