The Latest Cause of Neck Pain: Pokémon Go

How Can Chiropractors Treat Neck Pain That Cause By Pokémon Go?

Neck Pain Pokémon GoPlaying pokémon go is the term used to describe the neck pain and damage sustained from looking down at your cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices too frequently and for too long.  The best way to reduce the risk or occurrence of playing pokémon go is to restore proper function and posture to the head, neck, and body. Playing pokémon go is just one-way poor posture can affect your cervical spine.

This is not something that can be fixed overnight but it is something that you can work at every day with minimal effort.The first thing that will help with playing pokémon go is to change your posture. Rosenberg stressed that playing pokémon go is not only present among young people since it is a condition that affects all age groups.Playing pokémon go is a thing, so look up from your damn phone once in a while and painful and can change the shape of your spine.

What Is Text Neck? ‘Pokémon GO’ Tagged In Painful Condition That Has Become Widespread Recently

Ever since “Pokémon GO” was launched this July, many smartphone users who have embarked on their journey to become the very best Pokémon Trainer spent more time stooping down their heads in front of their devices. Now Canadian chiropractors are saying that this gesture has become the culprit behind the preponderance of a painful chronic condition referred to as “text neck.” According to PhoneArena, ever since the craze over “Pokémon GO” started this past summer, more and more people were lining up to see chiropractors.

Waiting rooms were reportedly filled with young people instead of old patients who are generally more prone to complain about chronic pain.  Though Peel chiropractor and Ontario Chiropractic Association spokesperson Dr. Jade Egonia singled out that “Pokémon GO” is one of the reasons why text neck has become prevalent, she maintained that the painful condition is generally triggered by the awkward posture smartphone users have when they look down on their devices.

Egonia said that putting weight on one’s neck is the root cause of text neck, since this strains the back of the neck and upper spine. She also revealed that 50 percent of the people who are visiting her clinic at the time are experiencing this condition. She noted that apart from pain, the strain on the neck muscles also lead to headache, which is why some of her patients experience headache in addition to neck pain,Mississauga has learned. Read full article here.

Treating neck pain caused by playing pokémon go is actually relatively simple and the easiest way to address is to change the way you hold your phone.

Pokemon Go, Smartphones Could Be Pain In Your Neck

Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Pokemon Go is the most popular app in history. The game is getting praise for its health benefits by getting people outdoors and moving, but it could lead to some health problems.  Juwan Hill has been in on the craze for about a month. “It’s pretty fun. It gets everyone active. I only got into because my friends are playing it,” Hill said.  The popular smartphone app is getting gamers off the couch and out into the fresh air, but while it’s being praised for getting people to move,  it can cause problems for your neck.
Hill said, “I know a bunch of people who do look down that’s all they’re looking at so I can imagine it’s been pretty bad for some people.” Hill sees Dr. Samantha Messina at Vital Chiropractic in Lexington to make sure he doesn’t have any problems. Dr. Messina says she’s noticed a lot of people spending a lot of time looking down at their phones. “So that’s not a usual position for your neck and it does put extra stress on the structures of your spine and can cause misalignments within that structure,” Dr. Messina said.
It’s called text neck, problems caused by regularly looking down at your cell phone or a tablet. Dr. Messina says she’s now seeing younger patients, while their spine is still developing. Dr. Messina said, “When the bones shift out of the proper alignment and it puts pressure on those nerves, it can lead to all types of aches, pains and dysfunction in the body.”Dr. Messina says it can lead to headaches, allergies and sinus trouble. She suggests you think about your posture. See more here.

Playing pokémon go is a term used to describe the excessive strain on the head, neck, shoulders, and spine caused by looking down at a smartphone or tablet on a regular basis.

The Latest Cause of Neck Pain: Pokémon Go

How to play Pokémon Go injury-free

The game is being lauded for its health benefits as players spend hours and walk miles in search of Pokémon to capture.But if you’re looking down at your phone the whole time you’re playing, you’re putting your health at risk in other ways. Specifically, you may be at risk for text neck. If you or someone you love is playing Pokémon Go a lot, these tips can help prevent text neck and the problems it can cause:

Hold your phone at a higher angle.
The higher you can hold it while playing, the less strain you’re putting on your neck.

Take breaks.
After you catch a Pokémon, take a short break to put the phone down and arch your neck and shoulders back. If you’re at a Pokéstop or Gym, take a break every 15 to 20 minutes.

Stretch your neck.
Tuck your chin down, then slowly raise it upward. Then swivel your head over one shoulder, then the other.

In addition to text neck, Pokémon Go players are in danger of tripping and falling by walking while looking their phones. Don’t get so wrapped up in the game that you’re not watching where you’re going, especially on busy streets or sidewalks. Read full article here.

The Effects Of Playing Pokémon Go Can Have A Significantly Negative Impact On Your Health

Especially susceptible to playing pokémon go are those of us who not only spend some of our leisure time on smartphones but also spend much of our working time sitting at computers. Symptoms associated with the dreaded playing pokémon go are chronic headaches, upper back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and increased the curvature of the spine. Playing pokémon go can also lead to ligament creep which puts the ligaments holding the vertebrae in place under considerable tension.

The symptoms associated with playing pokémon go are neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder pain increased the curvature of the spine by constantly looking downward it places a greater amount of weight or load on your neck muscles and joints.  If left untreated, tech spine and neck pain can result in permanent spine damage, debilitating pain or trigger early onset of arthritis. Chiropractic care can correct the postural changes from neck pain and you may call us here: (619) 831-8777 for more information.

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