Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar fasciitis treatment requires both in office and at home therapy in order to obtain the fastest and longest lasting relief.  Patients who experience plantar fasciitis typically have pain in either the heal or in the arch of the foot but they can have also had pain in other places as well.

Personal Experience With Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar FasciitisUnfortunately for me, in addition to treating patients with plantar fasciitis, I also suffer with it as well.  Fortunately for my patients, my personal experience with plantar fasciitis helps provide better care than I probably would otherwise be able.

The key to plantar fasciitis treatment is consistency.  I have found no other musculoskeletal condition that is so dependent on the consistency of care – this is probably due to the fact that our feet are stressed every day with every step we take.  The pain and dysfunction of plantar fasciitis are aggravated when we start to limp and will often cause secondary areas of pain in the foot.  Limping can also cause ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain.

An important component of plantar fasciitis treatment is limiting stress on the foot.  I always recommend to my patients that if they can avoid any unnecessary walking, running, hiking, etc that they should – like so many other conditions, you have to eliminate the aggravating activities before healing can begin.

Plantar fasciitis treatment with a chiropractor includes myofascial release on both the plantar fascia that covers the foot as well as on the muscles that flex the toes which originate in the lower leg.  Treatment also includes therapy to help reduce inflammation which is best accomplished by using ice packs at home and ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation in the office.  Daily stretching of the calf muscle is also a requirement of successful plantar fasciitis treatment.

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Author: Allison Yardley

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