Pain Between The Shoulders

One of the most common complaints that I see new patients for as a San Diego Chiropractor is pain between the shoulders. Pain between the shoulders is common with people who perform sedentary work – such as computer work as well as with people who are more active.

Pain between the shoulders is complex.

Most of the nerves that control the muscles in this area come from the neck and all of the muscles that are between the shoulder blades attach to the spine of the neck and upper back.

Pain Between the Shoulders

This anatomic arrangement makes the area between the shoulder blades susceptible to poor posture such as head forward and rounded shoulder postures. Since the nerves that control the muscles in the area between the shoulder blades come from the neck, pinched nerves in the neck will also affect this area. Lastly, the muscles that lie between the shoulder blades are stabilizers and movers of the shoulders.

Considering all the responsibilities and potential stresses that the area between the shoulder blades has, it is a wonder that it isn’t more problematic than it already is!

Shoulder blade pain is no different than any other joint/muscle pain in that it follows the same pattern. Initially, a joint, muscle or nerve is irritated. The irritation leads to inflammation and the inflammation causes pain and muscle spasm. Pain and muscle spasms between the shoulders can cause nagging, achy pain that is punctuated by sharp pains that come with specific movements or activities.

Chiropractic treatment helps relieve pain between the shoulders by restoring normal joint motion and reducing inflammation. Typical chiropractic treatment includes chiropractic adjustments, E-stim, ultrasound and specific stretches and ice applications to be done at home. A more in-depth, clinical description of diagnosis and treatment of pain between the shoulders can be found here.

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