Neck Pain Management – A Healthy Approach

Neck Pain Management Has Come A Long Way!

Pain management means different things to different people.  Pain management strategies are dependent on the type of patient and the type of doctor.   Many older Americans think of pain management as drugs or medications while most of those under 50 years of age tend to be more proactive with their efforts to control pain.  Obviously some people have no choice but to medicate for their neck pain but in many cases natural methods, including chiropractic care, can be effective as well.

A Chiropractor Way Of Natural Pain Management

As a chiropractor, most of the patients that I see through the course of my day are not treating because they are in pain but because they want to remain pain free through pain management.  The philosophy of pain management with chiropractic care comes from the idea that physical stresses cause our bodies to react with muscle tension, inflammation and eventually scar tissue formation.  The neck, in particular is exposed to almost constant postural stress as a result of long hours spent in front of the computer, driving, reading and texting / looking at our smart phones.

With preventative chiropractic treatments, the stresses that we expose our bodies to on a daily basis can be countered before they become problematic.  Chiropractic treatment delivered on a maintenance schedule helps prevent acute muscle tension from becoming chronic, it can help prevent unchecked stress from causing inflammation, it corrects minor misalignments of the joints before they become major and it can break down scar tissue that prevents normal joint motion.  Each of these benefits of chiropractic care works to effectively manage your neck pain symptoms.

Other natural ways to pain management include yoga, pain free exercise, meditation, nutritional support, healthy eating and mindfulness can all be helpful on their own, when combined with each other or when combined with chiropractic treatment.


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Author: Allison Yardley

Allison has 5 years in practice as a Chiropractor's Assistant and is a licensed Massage Therapist who writes for numerous blogs online. Feel free to comment or ask questions regarding any of Alley's blog posts.