Chiropractic Can Help Migraine Headaches When Pregnant

What Are The Best Way To Treat Migraine Headaches When Pregnant?

Migraine HeadachesA common way for women to relieve migraine headaches when pregnant is exercise, which is known to relieve stress. Being aware of possible treatments for a migraine and headaches during pregnancy is essential. Pregnancy can be a headache in the literal sense but what causes headaches during pregnancy is a question and concern that has raised various debates among experts.

Drug treatment of headaches during pregnancy is very limited because the most of the drugs that relieve a headache have a negative impact on the course of pregnancy and the formation of the fetus.  Another thing that causes severe migraine headaches when pregnant is bad posture. The best place to start when it comes to dealing with migraine headaches when pregnant is the possible causes, that way you know if the best way to treat them.Migraine headaches when pregnant are most common during the first and third trimester and the main cause of headaches during pregnancy is the increase in hormones.

Migraines Headaches in Pregnancy

What Are Migraines?

Migraine headaches during pregnancy are an often unwanted but sometimes common side effect of pregnancy. If you experienced migraines prior to pregnancy, you will find your condition either drastically improves or possibly gets worse during pregnancy.

Migraine headaches are different from other forms of headaches including tension or cluster headaches. Migraine headaches typically result when blood vessels in the brain dilate to extremely uncomfortable levels. Increasing levels of hormones can contribute to migraine headaches in pregnant women. Some women experience a migraine headache for the first time while pregnant.

A migraine headache is typically characterized by a dull aching that eventually worsens until the patient feels a strong, pulsating pain usually on one side of the head or temples. Migraines are often accompanied by vomiting, nausea and in some cases an aura. An aura is the perception of lights or spots before the eyes. Some women with migraines experience blind spots or other vision problems. Many also report sensitivity to noise and lights. Read more here.

The reason for a reduction in migraine headaches during pregnancy is because the hormonal fluctuation settles down in the body during the pregnancy period.

Migraines During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Treatment & Medication

Migraine headaches are a type of vascular headache that results from blood vessels dilating in the brain. These are different from stress or tension headaches. Migraine headaches are like the lottery when it comes to pregnancy. If you were prone to getting migraines before getting pregnant, you may experience stronger headaches, or you may find that they diminish during pregnancy.

It is also normal to experience your first migraine when you are pregnant. Some studies have found a slight correlation between migraines and hormones. Women tend to get migraines more often than men.

What are symptoms of a migraine headache?

A migraine usually starts out as a dull ache and then eventually becomes a throbbing, constant, and pulsating pain in the temples, front of the head, or base of the head. Migraines are sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Some people may experience an aura as well. An aura is wavy or jagged lines, or dots of flashing lights. You may also experience tunnel vision or blind spots. See more here.

Experiencing severe headaches during pregnancy is common and is also the most discomfort experienced and the best way to treat headaches during pregnancy is to avoid them.

Headaches During Pregnancy

Treating Headaches During Pregnancy

Although preventive migraine headache medications will most likely be on the “banned substances” list, here are a few things you can do to help relieve headachesduring your pregnancy:

  • Get a massage to ease sore muscles in the neck and upper spine that may be contributing to your headache pain.
  • Identify areas of stress and attempt to avoid them.
  • Drink a few glasses of water when you first feel a headache coming on as insufficient fluid intake may be the cause. Drink 2-3 glasses of water to see if symptoms subside.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe During Pregnancy?

Not only is it safe for pregnancy headache relief, and keep in mind that headaches are a primary reason why patients see chiropractors in the first place, chiropractic care is good for mom and baby for a lot of other reasons! You see, during pregnancy, the spine can become misaligned due to an increase in weight, poor posture and pelvic changes. A misaligned spine is one of the most common causes of headaches. Pelvic misalignments that occur during pregnancy can reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby and prohibit the baby from getting into the best “presenting” birth position.

Some additional benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy may include:

  • Creating the best environment for a healthier pregnancy
  • Reducing nausea
  • Providing relief for common back and neck pain. Read full article here.

Migraine Headaches When Pregnant Are Common

Management of primary migraine headaches when pregnantly is essentially similar to management in the nonpregnant state, with a few exceptions. Headaches during pregnancy are one of the most common complaints and symptoms of women. Deciding on medicine for migraine headaches when pregnantly is normally hard, and this is partly because of the complicated nature of pregnancy headaches. Most headaches during pregnancy are unpleasant but harmless, but a headache can be a sign of a more serious problem.

Headaches during pregnancy are even more painful because your treatment options are far more limited. Some patients find that foods that cause headaches during pregnancy are ones that had no effect before pregnancy. Although most headaches during pregnancy are not caused by serious health problems, you should talk to your chiropractor whenever you develop new headaches, notice a change in your headache pattern or symptoms, or note new health problems. You may also contact us here: (619) 831-8777, we will be happy to give you more ideas on how to treat your migraine headaches when pregnant.

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