Lower Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractors treat patients with lower back pain every day. In addition to chiropractors being known as “back doctors”, patient satisfaction surveys rank chiropractic treatment as the preferred treatment for lower back pain. Lower back pain treatment with a chiropractor simply makes sense to most of us.

Statistically, 80% of us will suffer from low back pain over the course of our lives – consequently, many of us will seek out a chiropractor for lower back pain treatment. A recent study shows that lower back pain is the world’s number one cause of disability.

Have you ever had lower back pain treatment?

Lower back painWhen you have lower back pain, treatment can’t come fast enough. Lower back pain affects everything from how you get out of bed in the morning to your ability to get yourself ready for work. Typical cases of lower back pain are described as pain and stiffness across the belt line area that can extend upward to the lower part of the rib cage. More severe cases can include pinched sciatic nerves that can cause pain to radiate down into one or both legs.

Most patients prefer treatment from a chiropractor for lower back pain because it is drug-free, effective, and safe and it addresses the cause of the lower back pain. In most cases, the cause of lower back pain is biomechanical and usually involves a joint or a series of joint in the spine that are either restricted in their movement or have been irritated by the ongoing postural stress of sitting or by improper lifting habits.

Regardless of the mechanism of injury, the same process that affects the other joints in the body injuries the joints in the lower back. Joints are irritated by an accident or some other injury – in most cases, it is bad posture. This irritation creates inflammation that in turn causes pain, muscle spasm, swelling and scar tissue formation.

In cases in which the original injury is not severe and if treatment is started soon after the initial injury, lower back pain treatment can be as simple as a few joint adjustments and a few sessions of therapy. The next time you have stiff or painful lower back, try chiropractic treatment.

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