Lower Back Pain San Diego Chiropractor

Lower Back Pain In San Diego

Chiropractors have always been considered to be the “go to” doctors for lower back pain (LBP) and chiropractors in San Diego are known for their excellent results with these patients.  San Diego chiropractors are among the most qualified in treating back pain because our weather allows year-round activities which result in year-round injuries and subsequent back pain patients.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Lower Back PainThere are many different back pain causes.  The most common cause of LBP that I see in my office is bad posture.  A close number two on the list of causes of low back pain is poor lifting technique.  Because most of us are right side dominant, it is more common to see the lower back pain on the left side since that tends to be our weaker, less coordinated side.  Identifying common sources of injury is important because we want to know what causes low back pain so that we can avoid or modify those activities in the future.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back PainLBP relief is a priority for both patients and their chiropractors.  Relieving low back pain takes a coordinated effort between the chiropractic doctor and the patient.  Patients need to identify the activities that they engage in that either cause or aggravate their symptoms.  Eliminating or modifying aggravating activities can help prevent chronic low back pain and help patients avoid acute flare-ups of back pain in the future.  Once the patient is able to identify the causes of their back pain and chiropractic care has begun, relief from low back pain can be found right around the corner.

Treatment For Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment for low back pain focuses on relieving pain by reducing inflammation and restoring normal joint motion.  Joints that are either restricted from their full range of motion or moving improperly are a common source lower back pain and irritation.  Low back pain treatment with a chiropractor typically includes spinal adjustments, E-stim, ultrasound and specific stretches and exercises.  Since most patients seeking treatment for low back pain have suffered a sprain/strain type of injury, usually they feel significant improvement after just a few chiropractic treatments.  Chiropractors are experts in treating back pain and they can help you with safe and effective treatment.

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