Lower Back Pain Risk Factors

If you have low back pain, chances are that you have considered going to a chiropractor for treatment. That being the case, there are a handful of Lower Back Pain Risk Factors that can’t be eliminated with any kind of treatment. Thankfully, these risk factors can be managed/controlled with chiropractic treatment, specific exercises and stretches and proper nutrition. Chiropractors have a reputation for being “lower back pain doctors” and chiropractic care is the preferred type of treatment for back pain.

Lower Back Pain Risk Factors Identified

The following list of Lower Back Pain Risk Factors that you cannot control.

  • Being middle-aged (risk drops after age 65).
  • Being male.
  • Having a family history of lower back pain.
  • History of previous lower back injury.
  • Having had compression fractures of the spine.
  • History of previous lower back surgery.
  • Having spinal problems since birth

The following is a list of risk factors for lower back pain that you can control. Multiple risk factors create a higher probability of suffering from future episodes of back pain.

  • Lack of regular exercise.
  • Postural stress.
  • Being overweight.
  • Being under stress.
  • Drug use.
  • Eating Sweets.
  • Caffeine consumption.

Awareness of these Lower Back Pain Risk Factors is an important part of

Lower back pain

treatment. In order for treatment from a chiropractor or any other kind of doctor to be successful, the aggravating factors have to either be reduced or eliminated.

Of the list above, the patients in my San Diego Chiropractic clinic are most likely to be smokers, coffee drinkers or they have a sweet tooth. Sugar, nicotine, and caffeine all increase our sensitivity to pain which makes pain relief that much more difficult. Being overweight increases the load on the joints and of course, this stress is magnified by bad posture and stress.

For more Lower Back Pain Risk Factors click here for an interesting article on the topic in Spine Health.

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Author: Allison Yardley

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