Improving Posture

Improving posture is a common goal for many of the patients of my San Diego Chiropractic practice.  Bad posture is encouraged by almost all of the electronic gizmos (smart phone, tablet, lap top, i-whatever) that we use today.  In addition to making us look unappealing visually, bad posture hurts.  Poor posture causes neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, low back pain, etc.

Improving Posture with Chiropractic Care

Pain can make you more aware of the activities that you engage in that make your pain worse.  The pain that accompanies bad posture is the variable that drives most of my patients towards improving posture.

Bad posture stretches the muscles and ligaments that hold the normal position of our joints and the general alignment of our spines.  With time, the ongoing stress of bad posture causes the muscles and ligaments to lengthen making it impossible to hold normal alignment.  Bad posture always results in our weight being shifted forward of our natural balance point.  The farther our weight shifts forward the more stress our muscles and ligaments are exposed to.  You can see how easily bad posture can quickly become worse.

Over time, this constant stress begins to irritate and inflame the same muscles and ligaments that are being overstretched – a scenario that leads to pain.

Chiropractic treatment for improving posture at my clinic includes chiropractic adjustments accompanied by various therapies to help reduce pain and inflammation.  Successful treatment always includes specific stretches and exercises that help restore muscular balance and improve spinal stability.

In addition to chiropractic treatment we are also committed to helping you identify the sources of your postural stress and helping you employ strategies that will help reduce stress. We are available to perform ergonomic evaluations on both your work station or your home office set up to aid in reducing your postural stress.





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Author: Steve Jones

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