Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Upper Back and Shoulder Pain Treatment

tennis-shoulder-manCommon shoulder pain treatment that I perform as a chiropractor in my San Diego chiropractic clinic includes adjustments of the neck, the upper back and the shoulder. Because most of the muscles that move and help stabilize the shoulder originate from the spine, it is important that those joints have full motion and are not a source of tightness of the shoulder muscles. Regular shoulder pain treatment also includes ultrasound, E-stimulation and massage (myofascial release techniques) which all help the muscles and ligaments heal faster with less scar tissue.

Shoulder Pain Treatment

There are many types of treatment for shoulder pain, treatment from a chiropractor is just one. That being said, chiropractic care for shoulder pain is especially effective because treatment from a chiropractor includes specific joint adjustments to help improve range of motion as well as therapy for the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and nerves). Other treatment types for shoulder pain include physical therapy, acupuncture and surgery. Most chiropractors work with a network of doctors in other fields that they can refer you to if your shoulder pain does not respond well to chiropractic care.

Various Shoulder Stretches/Exercises Can Be Very Beneficial

chiropractor recommended shoulder stretchThere are various types of shoulder pain therapy that I ask my chiropractic patients to do at home. In most cases, ice pack applications are used several times daily. When the time is right, exercises can be started and are helpful in reducing pain, increasing strength, improving range of motion and stabilizing the shoulder.

Other therapies for shoulder pain can include wall-walking exercises, pendulum exercises, pulley exercises, light weights and swimming.

It is important to only begin exercises when instructed by your chiropractor and to try to keep them as pain free as possible.

Rotator Cuff Muscles Need to be Strengthened

Shoulder pain exercises commonly given by chiropractors help to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and are intended to create balanced tone of the muscles in the front, rear and top of the shoulder. Exercises for shoulder pain can sometimes be challenging but they should always be tolerable. There are many patients that have the philosophy that if the exercises don’t hurt that they are not helping. Our bodies send pain signals to the brain to let you know that you are doing damage to your body – if your exercises hurt, you are probably doing more harm than good.


Regular shoulder pain treatment from a chiropractor includes chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapies, exercises and stretches. These types of treatment for shoulder pain are all inclusive covering potential injury to the shoulder joint, the muscles, the ligaments and the nerves. At home therapies for shoulder pain are also important and can include ice packs, stretching and exercising. As with most types of shoulder injuries, in addition to in office chiropractic treatment, at home therapies are important to insure complete recovery.

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