Pain Behind Knee | A Number of Possibilities

When a patient complains of back of the knee pain there are number of possibilities as to the source of the pain. To begin with, there are tendons that cross the knee from the top that attach the hamstrings to the tibia below the knee as well as ligaments that attach from the calf muscles below to the femur above the knee. These tendons can become irritated and inflamed from over use or injury and cause pain in the back of the knee.

Pain Behind Knee Cap

Patients who go to the chiropractor complaining of pain behind the kneecap usually have a tracking issue with the way the kneecap slides over the surface of the knee. The kneecap forms a sliding joint with the knee where the femur meets the tibia and in some people it has a tendency to wear uneven causing irritation and inflammation.

Patients who complain of pain behind the kneecaps are usually runners who have imbalanced muscular strength in their quadriceps.

Knee Pain Diagnosis Requires a Complete Patient History

In order for a chiropractor or any other qualified medical practitioner to make a pain behind knee diagnosis a complete history and examination need to be performed. Diagnosing the source of pain behind the knee is required before effective treatment can begin. Examination should include muscle tests, orthopedic tests and ligament stability tests. Sometimes, in cases of serious injury, x-rays or MRI may be necessary in order to rule out more serious types of injury.

Treatment for Pain Behind the Knee

As a chiropractor, treatment for pain behind the knee is intended to improve range of motion, build strength and, when necessary, to improve stability. Since knee pain can be radiating pain from the lower back, treatments for pain behind the knee may require treatment of the low back as well. Like many other injuries that affect joints and muscles, treatment for knee pain often includes icing to reduce inflammation, reducing stress on the joint by temporarily restricting activities and strengthening exercises – all which are done by the patient at home.


Chiropractors treat patients who complain of pain behind the knee on a regular basis. In many cases, pain behind knee can either contribute to low back pain or it can be caused by low back pain. In order to properly diagnose the cause of knee pain a thorough history and examination has to be performed so that an effective treatment plan can begin.

Knee Joint Pain Resulting from Running

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