Neck Whiplash Injury

Neck Whiplash Injury from Traffic Accidents | Maybe

neck-whiplash-accidentMost people think of car accidents when they think of whiplash injury causes. In fact, most of the patient’s that I see with whiplash come in seeking neck pain symptoms diagnosis when indeed they were injured in a car accident. In some cases the injury could have occurred months before but the patient didn’t start exhibiting symptoms until they were exposed to some kind of undue or abnormal stress.

Neck Whiplash Injury | Injury Types

There are, however, many different causes of whiplash injuries. A whiplash injury is a sprain / strain injury of the muscles and ligaments that move and support the spine. Whiplash injuries commonly occur in car accidents but they can also occur in work and sporting accidents as well. Whiplash symptoms that I commonly see as a San Diego chiropractor include headaches, neck pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), upper back pain, pain between the shoulder blades, shoulder pain and various symptoms in the arms / hands. Symptoms of whiplash can also include lower back pain and sometimes sciatica.

Neck Whiplash Injury and Avlusion Fractures

More serious whiplash injuries also occur and can include avulsion fractures, compression fractures, rib fractures, skull fractures, spinal cord injuries and concussions. As with all muscle and joint injuries, the sooner your injuries are evaluated and diagnosed by a chiropractor, the better your chances are for full recovery.

Diagnosis of a neck whiplash injury is important before treatment with a chiropractor is begun. When diagnosing whiplash, the chiropractor has to take into consideration how long ago the whiplash occurred, what the extent of the symptoms are, the severity of the symptoms and the impact of the symptoms on the patients daily activities. Of course the mechanism of the injury is equally important, for example the chiropractor will want to know if your symptoms began after you stepped off a curb you did not know was there or did they begin after a car accident.

Neck Whiplash Injury | Effectiveness of Chiropractic

Whiplash treatment with a chiropractor is very effective. Since chiropractors use adjustments to restore range of motion and a variety of therapies to speed healing in damaged muscles and ligaments, chiropractic care is a natural fit for car accident injuries. Treatment of a whiplash injury is often covered in full by the responsible insurance carrier, which makes care accessible even if your regular health insurance does not include chiropractic benefits. Treatment for a Neck Whiplash Injury is important for future spinal health because studies show that untreated whiplash injuries increase the likelihood of developing arthritis as you age.

Summary: Even though San Diego has warm, dry weather for most of the year, as a chiropractor I treat whiplash patients on a regular basis because people just can’t seem to drive safely. Whiplash injuries usually come from car accidents but can result from work and sports accidents as well. Even though the injuries from whiplash accidents are predictable, proper diagnosis is important before treatment begins. Treatment for whiplash is similar to typical neck pain treatment from a chiropractor, but there are differences that can make a difference between a fast recovery and a slow one.

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