Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatment

neck-pain-treatment-ultraso-300x199Neck pain treatment with a chiropractor is normally comfortable and provides fast results without the use of drugs or surgery. Treating neck injuries usually includes chiropractic adjustments and other therapies that you can perform at home.

Can Diet Really Affect My Pain Threshold?

Your chiropractor will also ask you to limit or eliminate any activities that you may doing that you feel are aggravating your condition. I frequently ask my chiropractic patients to look at their health habits during their treatment as well and to eliminate nicotine, caffeine and sugar from their diets because they all make you more likely to experience pain.

Treatment for Pinched Nerves

When you are experiencing a pinched nerve in the neck, treatment is slightly different but still involves chiropractic adjustments to help restore range of motion and therapy to help reduce inflammation and swelling. Reducing inflammation is always important with pinched nerve treatments because in most cases swelling in the soft tissues that surround the nerves causes the pinching of the nerve. Pinched nerves need to taken seriously and evaluated by a chiropractor as soon as possible because they can quickly lead to chronic pain and long-term muscular weakness.

Treatment for a Stiff Neck

Stiff neck treatment is a perfect fit for care with a chiropractor because chiropractic treatment focuses on restoring range of motion with adjustments and therapies. Neck stiffness usually results from a series of events that begin with irritation of a spinal joint that leads to inflammation of that joint and ends with muscles spasm, pain and stiffness. Chiropractors are experts in diagnosis and treatment of muscle / joint injuries which makes treatment and your recovery for symptoms of a stiff neck fast and efficient.

Neck Pain  | Can Ice Packs Really Help?

San Diego - Do It Yourself Neck Pain ReliefTreatment therapies for a sore neck muscle in my chiropractic office includes ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and chiropractic adjustments if needed. Treatment also requires that the patient uses ice packs at home and avoid any aggravating activities. Treatment for sore neck muscles can often include stretches in the later phases of care and specific exercises once your pain is reduced to a manageable level. If you work in a job that creates postural stress such as computer work, your efforts to prevent sore neck muscles in the future will have to include posture correction as well.



Treatment for neck injury and neck pain is natural for a chiropractor. In most cases of neck pain there is restricted range of motion, sore muscles, pinched nerves and painful joints. All of these conditions respond well to chiropractic treatment because chiropractors focus their therapy on improving range of motion and reducing inflammation which causes muscular soreness and pinched nerves. When patients are actively involved with care from their chiropractor and follow at home therapy instructions that can include icing (Also known as Cryotherapy), stretching and exercises most instances of neck pain recover quickly.

Neck Problems can Cause Headache Pain

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