Neck Pain Causes

Neck Pain Causes San Diego

Neck Pain Causes

There are many different neck pain causes. The human body has many pain sensitive tissues, in fact, within the last ten years researchers have even determined that even scar tissue is capable of sending sensations of pain into the nervous system.

Neck InjuryThe complexities of determining the origin of pain is staggering. In fact, many medical professionals believe that neck surgeries fail with such great frequency because the surgeries do not pinpoint the actual cause of the patients pain.

For this reason alone it is wise to attempt all conservative measures of pain relief (such as chiropractic care) prior to more aggressive types of treatment like surgery or injections.

For most patients, the source of neck pain is bio-mechanical, meaning that the pain originates of the joints themselves or from the muscles and ligaments that move and support the joints.

Patients frequently injure their necks from repetitive stress (too much computer & smart phone time), bad posture and car accidents.

These injuries can damage the joints of the spine as well as strain the muscles that move and support the neck or strain the ligaments that provide stability to the spine. Since most neck injuries are caused by repetitive stress, it is important to identify the source of the stress so that the injury doesn’t re-occur in the future.

If the source of the irritation continues, it can be very difficult to relieve the symptoms. An easy analogy can be drawn between hitting your hand with a hammer and developing hand pain in that treatment won’t be very effective if you don’t stop hitting your hand with the hammer.

This same philosophy applies to treatment for all conditions. Injuries to the neck or back always follow the same pattern in that there is some aggravating event that is followed by inflammation, pain and muscle spasm. This process will continue until treatment breaks the pain cycle.

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