Leg Pain – A Quick Chiropractic Overview

I of course treat more than neck and back pain in my San Diego Chiropractic Clinic.

Although leg pain is generally a frequent San Diego Leg Pain Chiropractor Overviewsituation following certain types of injuries, pain can also arise due to medical disorders or non-traumatic factors.

Discomfort, ache or pain in the legs might result from trauma or inflammation of almost any of the systems that are located in the leg, involving bones, joints, muscle tissues, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and epidermis (Skin). An inflammatory reaction of damaged tissues is typically the reason for the discomfort.

Pain can also emanate off other aspect of the anatomy and be suffered in the leg. Back problems are able to cause pain and numbness of the leg.

Abdominal aorta and iliac vein aneurysms can similarly present along with leg pain. A blood coagulation in the large blood vessels found in the abdominal area, pelvis, or legs is yet another source of leg discomfort, ache or pain signs and symptoms.

More on some Specific Causes of Leg Pain

Blood Vessel Stress Due to Claudication

Leg pain from arteriesAches and Pains that result while walking, running or working out might be the consequence of claudication or diminished blood supply to the legs.

This issue is frequently a warning sign of peripheral arterial disease, (PAD), a constricting of the veins that supply blood to your arm or legs.

Generally PAD is brought on by the accumulation of plaque or fatty deposits in veins and arteries. Tobacco use, high LDL cholesterol levels, hypertension and being overweight are primary risk issues for Peripheral Arterial Disease.

Back Problems Related to Leg Pain

Afflictions that have an effect on your back frequently cause pain in the legs at the same time.

Spinal stenosis, wherein the spine canal over time constricts, constraining the nerves, generally impairs people over 50 and might be brought on by arthritis, scoliosis or back injuries. The stress can impinge on nerve roots as these leave the spinal cord to develop the sciatic nerve, the body’s largest. The inflamed nerves can certainly trigger considerable pain.

Sciatica, a very painful inflammatory reaction of the sciatic nerve, is commonly experienced on just one side of the body, and may go out of your lower back into your leg to your feet or maybe toes. Sciatic nerve pain is challenging to detect and in some cases goes away by itself. It may be precipitated by spinal stenosis.

Sciatic and spinal conditions may begin slowly over time but can additionally have an intense onset. Over time, what had been bearable becomes a severe problem. Sciatic nerve inflammatory reaction brought on by developments in the back, for instance arthritis, muscle spasm or personal injury, can expand in the direction of through to the buttocks and into the leg.

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