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Knee Pain Running

Runner's Knee PainRunners Beware: Since so many people are runners, we see many patients in my San Diego clinic with pain behind the knee that want treatment from a chiropractor.

The knee joint is a hinge joint that is responsible for supporting most of our body weight with every step we take. Pain in the back of the knee usually comes from the tendons and ligaments that cross the back of the knee. Strained calf muscles or hamstring muscles in the leg can cause pain behind the knee. Running is just one of many activities that are capable of causing injury that leads to knee joint pain.

Knee Joint Pain

Knee Joint Pain TreamentKnee joint pain is a common sports injury because of the stresses placed on the knee from all directions – of course contact sports like football and even soccer produce classic knee injuries. Knee pain while running usually occurs because people run too much (over 15 miles per week), they run on hard surfaces such as concrete or they run on uneven surfaces. As a chiropractor, I rarely ask patients to stop doing exercises, however, when a patient who runs is suffering from knee joint pain the only way to reduce stress on the joint is stop aggravating by running less or not at all for a while.

Therapies for Knee Pain Relief
At Home Remedies for Knee Pain in San Diego

Chiropractors provide knee pain relief through therapies that reduce inflammation, adjustments from the chiropractor and identifying aggravating activities (usually running) and asking the patient to limit those activities. At home therapies for this type of pain usually include; ice pack applications, exercises, stretches and stripping massage – which is also known as myofascial release. I explain to my chiropractic patients that in order for them to get better, regardless of the location of the pain, that one of the most important things that they need to do for themselves is to stop aggravating the injury.


Knee pain treatment with a chiropractor is very effective as long as the knee is not damaged to the point of requiring surgery. Surgery is needed when there are torn ligaments, instability, torn meniscus or serious muscle tears. In most cases of pains in the knee area, surgery is not required and you will be able to heal with conservative chiropractic treatment. Therapy from a chiropractor helps the muscles and ligaments heal while insuring that the knee joint will heal with as little scar tissue as possible, which allows for full pain free range of motion once healing is complete.

Pain Behind Knee | A Number of Possibilities

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