Knee Pain Treatment San Diego Chiropractor

 Joint Manipulations, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Support, Cryotherapy, Exercises and Stretches

Therapy for knee pain from a chiropractor is effective because chiropractors are experts in joint manipulations, physiotherapy, nutritional support, exercises and stretches that reduce pain and strengthen the joint.

Knee pain therapy takes time and requires that patients follow at home knee therapies and at least temporarily reduce stress on the knee. As is typical for joint pain, swelling and lost range of motion are typical and treatment from a chiropractor is focused on both of those problems.

Beyond Physical Therapy

When patients with knee pain choose physical therapy they will get the same basic treatment that you can expect from a chiropractor except the therapy lacks joint manipulations and most likely won’t include physical therapies such as electric stimulation and ultrasound. Physical therapy for knee pain has a heavy focus on exercises and stretches which can be effective but also sometimes aggravating if the therapy is too aggressive. Chiropractors use more ultrasound therapy and electric muscle stimulation early during care and wait to introduce exercises and stretches until later in care when the knee is less likely to become irritated.

Physical Therapist vs Chiropractor

Chiropractors often utilize knee pain exercise therapy to help strengthen the joint and improve the stability of the knee joint. I had mentioned early that some of the exercises that help stabilize the knee also help strengthen you core so exercise therapy for knee pain can benefit you on several levels. Although they are necessary, exercises for knee pain should be started cautiously because they can aggravate your pain if you are not careful or pushing it too hard.

Knee Pain Treatment | Filling the Gap

As a chiropractor, I find treating knee pain rewarding. Most patients with knee pain are disabled to some extent and are looking forward to being pain free and getting their mobility back. Treatments for knee pain can range from simple solutions like ice and rest to complex solutions such as surgical repair – chiropractic treatment fills the void between these therapies. Treatment from a chiropractor is very effective for knee pain unless the damage to the knee is extreme and involves torn ligaments, torn meniscus, torn muscles or fractures.

Knee Pain Treatment Summary For knee pain treatment to be effective, both the chiropractor and the patient have to work together. The patient has to recognize the importance of the knee pain therapy that they receive from the chiropractor as well as the importance of the exercises and stretches that they are responsible for doing on their own. Treating knee pain can be a slow process because the knee is a weight bearing joint and it is stressed with every step you take so it is important to keep your therapy appointments with the frequency recommended by your chiropractor.

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