Knee Pain Relief Exercises

Core Strength Training, Stretches and Cortisone Injections

Stretches for knee pain relief can be very effective. As a chiropractor, I am always concerned with core strength and balance – which plays a role in stretches to relieve knee pain.

Because we sit for so many hours each day, the gluteal muscles are stretched and weak while the opposing quadriceps muscles are short and tight. The tightness in the quads can compress and hyper-extend the knee. Fortunately there are several good stretches for the quads that are effective at relieving knee pain.

Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

Chiropractors often recommend knee pain exercises in order to produce long lasting relief. As I stated in the prior section, weak gluteal muscles are part of the muscular imbalance that feeds into knee pain. Likewise the vastus medialis (one portion of the quadriceps) is often weak and can cause the kneecap to track improperly which results in knee pain. Strengthening both of these muscles can help reduce knee pain and improve the overall balance of muscle tone between the front and back of your body which will help improve your core strength.

Cortisone Injections Might Be Necessary but Only Address the Symptom NOT the Cause

Unfortunately, sometimes patients have damaged their knee to the point that they require knee pain relief injections which are usually cortisone. Even though some patients do require cortisone injections for knee pain relief, it is important for them to at least attempt chiropractic as a more conservative treatment before they undergo the injection procedure. Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory which sometimes relieves pain and sometimes doesn’t, that being said, even if it does relieve the pain, the cause of the pain is not addressed with injections which leaves the patient vulnerable to knee pain in the future.

Cryotherapy for Knee Pain (Ice Packs)

Many of the patients that I see as a chiropractor in San Diego ask me if they should use heat or cold for their knee pain. The answer isn’t so simple but the easier answer is that cold therapy is usually appropriate. Cold is better for knee pain because it helps relieve inflammation and swelling. However, knee pain doesn’t always respond to ice, in fact, if your knee pain is due to rheumatoid arthritis it will probably due better with a heating pad.

The best way to find out what is best for you is to check with your chiropractor. Summary Knee pain relief requires more than visits to the chiropractor for therapy. Patients suffering with knee pain have to use ice packs, hot packs (in some cases), perform specific exercises as well as specific stretches. Because the knee is a weight bearing joint, relief from knee pain can take time and patients have to be consistent with their therapies. Chiropractors who offer knee pain treatment use a combination of joint manipulations and therapies to reduce inflammation, speed healing and improve range of motion.

Video for a Good Series of Stretches to Prevent Knee Pain (Not for after you’re already experiencing Knee Pain.)

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