DOT Physical Preparation

DOT Physical Preparation

Preparing for Your DOT Physical in San Diego


DOT Physical Preparation Appointment Day – Prepare and You Can RE … LAX! “But WHY do I Need to Prepare?”

There is no need to be worried, nervous or anxious about passing DOT Physicals. With Dr. Jones you’ll be in the good hands of a doctor with a 20+ year practice right here in San Diego. Don’t Forget Your Coupon

While always the consummate professional he and his staff are just friendly and outgoing folks. No pretense here – You don’t have to address him as “Doctor” (Unless you just want to) as he answer’s to just about anything; Steve, Doc Jones, Doctor Steve or just Doc are some of the ways his patients address him.

So you can relax the day of your CDL Exam.

Read the 7 simple things you need to do (And why you need to do them) below to be prepared for your DOT Physical Examination and you will breeze through it with flying colors in no time.

DOT Physical Preparation List:

  • Avoid Drinking – alcohol, coffee, soda pop (Even ‘Sugar Free’ Soft drinks) and smoking on the day of your DOT Physical Exam.
    WHY?  Any or All of the above may have adverse effects on your blood sugar levels or blood pressure. Coffee or Soft Drinks containing caffeine can cause anxiety, cause increased heart and breathing rates. Some studies have found in some people it increases blood pressure. Smoking tobacco constricts blood vessels thereby increasing blood pressure. NOTE: Do Drink all the water you want as you will need to provide a (Non-Drug-Test) urine specimen as part of your DOT CDL Exam.

  • Bring Your Prescription Eye Glasses – or contact lenses with you to your DOT Exam Appointment.
    WHY? The reason for this should be obvious, but depending on initial results your visual acuity may be tested with and without your corrective lenses.

  • Take Your Meds – If your primary care physician has prescribed blood pressure and/or Type II Diabetes medication, make sure you take them as prescribed.
    WHY? To pass your physical you need to meet the requirements listed on our DOT Physical Requirements page. Taking your medications for blood pressure and/or diabetes will certainly help you meet the requirements to get your CDL Exam Card. NOTE: DO NOT increase dosages thinking it will increase your chances of passing your physical. Doing so can be dangerous by causing Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure) or Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar).

  • Avoid Eating Junk Food –  or any food with high sodium/salt levels.
    WHY? Fast foods are high in sodium. High sodium intake increases blood pressure. Processed meats like bacon, sausage, ham, and canned soups with vegetables also contain additional sodium (Monosodium Glutamate also known as MSG) .

  • Come to your Physical Appointment Relaxed – Try to schedule your appointment during a relaxed time in your day.
    WHY? Because stress raises blood pressure. Relaxed your blood pressure readings will be lower than if your are anxious, nervous or stressed.

  • Bring your VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE – You will need to present your Driver’s License for identification purposes.
    WHY? You CANNOT be issued your CDL Exam card if you don’t present your Driver’s License because we are required to scan/photo-copy your driver’s license for our Certified Medical Examiner records.

  • Don’t worry about forms, we have the correct forms for your examination – resist the urge to print them on-line
    WHY? There are many variations of these forms but only one of them is correct.  Most of the time when patient’s bring a form with them it is not the right version.

Now you probably want to know what the DOT Physical cost is in San Diego; RIGHT?

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