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Dot Physical Exam in San Diego CA

Get Your CDL Physical Exam In 40 Minutes, in 3 EASY STEPS.
Simply call for an appointment, bring a picture ID (driver’s license), and expect to provide a urine sample that we test for blood, glucose and protein (all possible indicators of diabetes).

Department of Transportation
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Dr. Jones has taken accredited courses and passed the required examination that allows him to perform the exam that you need to obtain your DOT CDL Medical Certificate.

  1. Fill out a 2-page brief health history on the federal form (we provide the forms).
  2. Complete your DOT physical exam administered by Dr. Steve Jones D.C.
    The doctor will review your medical history with you covering weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, range of motion, breathing, vision, hearing, etc.  The exam addresses medical conditions and medications considered pertinent by the Department of Transportation.
    Collect urine specimen for basic urinalysis test (This is NOT a Drug Test).
  3. Dr Jones or a member of his staff will complete your paperwork and request to see your Valid California Driver’s License. (Required.)

Pass the DOT Physical San Diego Certified Examiner Physical and you receive:

  • Your DOT Medical Certificate for your CDL to keep with you at all times you are driving a commercial vehicle.
  • Two copies of the DOT physical form, one for your CDL, one for your personal records.
    We will keep a copy of your DOT physical form on file at our office per FMCSA requirements.

To schedule an Appointment – Call Your DOT Physical San Diego Examiner at: (619) 280-0554

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