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Pain in the shoulder is most commonly caused by sprain / strain injuries or overuse.

Because the shoulder has such a large range of motion, it is dependent on small muscles that surround the shoulder, (rotator cuff muscles), to guide it through its’ movements.

These muscles and tendons can tear or strain if you fall or have an accident and they can become irritated and inflamed with repetitive stress. There are more serious injuries that need to be taken into consideration as well.

Pain between the shoulder blades is often caused by bad posture and too much computer use.

Tilting our heads downward and reaching for the mouse and keyboard puts a constant stretch on the muscles between the shoulder blades. When these muscles are stretched beyond normal limits they can no longer provide stability for the spine, which results in pain, tension and fatigue.

Treatment with a chiropractor is ideal for pain between the shoulder blades because it addresses the joints and the muscles.

Shoulder pain treatment at my San Diego chiropractic clinic is all-inclusive. We use adjustments, ultrasound, e-stim, Cryotherapy, exercise, stretching and, when appropriate, nutritional support in order to speed healing and to restore range of motion to the shoulder.

Because all of the major muscles that move and support the shoulder originate from the neck and upper back, treatment often includes work on those areas as well.

The people who have chronic shoulder pain most likely used to complain that their shoulder always hurts but they either don’t get treatment or they get the wrong treatment.

Too many therapies either ignore the shoulder joint and focus on the muscles or they consist of medication that numbs the pain but doesn’t cure the cause.

Chiropractic care works to restore full range of motion of the joint while encouraging the soft tissues to heal quicker with physiotherapy modalities such as e-stim and ultrasound.

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