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At Home Remedies for Knee Pain in San Diego

Chiropractors provide knee pain relief with chiropractic adjustments and with various therapies that help improve range of motion and reduce inflammation.

It is also important for you to identify aggravating activities and do your best to limit those.

At home therapies for knee pain relief usually include; use of ice packs, exercises, stretches and stripping massage.

Eliminating aggravating activities is also necessary for obtaining relief from knee pain.

Knee joint pain that develops while running usually occurs because people run too much, they run on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt or they run on uneven surfaces.

As a chiropractor, I try not to ask patients to stop exercising; however, when a patient who runs is suffering from knee joint pain, the only way to reduce stress on the joint is to stop running – at least until it is out of the acute stage of injury.

Unless your knee pain requires surgery, treatment from a chiropractor is among the best treatments for knee pain.

At my chiropractic clinic in San Diego our knee pain treatment protocol includes therapy and adjustments that reduce pain, reduce swelling and improve range of motion.

Knee pain treatment from a chiropractor is safe and effective compared to other types of therapy that can involve dangerous pain killers, painful injections and complex surgeries.

Pain behind knee treatment san diego

Chiropractors frequently treat knee pain because in many cases lower back pain accompanies knee pain.

Pain in the back of the knee usually comes from the tendons and ligaments that cross the back of the knee.

Strained calf muscles or hamstring muscles can cause pain behind the knee. Running is just one of many activities that are capable of causing injury that leads to knee pain.

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