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The most common cause of ankle pain are ankle sprains. Ankle sprains normally occur on the outside / lateral side of the ankle as a result of the foot rolling over. Sprains of the ankle can be very painful and they can take a long time to heal since they are a weight bearing joint. Another common cause of ankle pain is subluxation which is a medical term that describes a misalignment of the joint. Subluxations in the ankle cause pain and stiffness.
Ankle sprains require a multifaceted approach. In office treatment includes electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound and manipulations. These therapies help reduce swelling, speed healing and re-align the joints. Home therapy will include myofascial release, ice and strengthening exercises.
Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the fascia on the bottom of the foot. In many cases the fascia becomes irritated and inflamed by some kind of repetitive stress (over use) such as running and professions that require excessive time walking or standing. While plantar fasciitis is more common in athletes it is also more common in those with a higher body mass index. Plantar fasciitis can become so painful that those who suffer with it have to severely restrict their activities of daily living in order to limit the pain that they experience.
We walk on our feet everyday which stresses the tissues that make up the plantar fascia. The ongoing stresses that we place on our feet can make treatment challenging. That being said, plantar fasciitis treatment is no different from treating any other soft tissue injury. It will respond well to chiropractic adjustments of the foot, ultrasound and electric muscle stimulation. There are also a number of home treatments that should be done daily in order to support the care you receive in the office.



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