The Dangers of Over-Exercising

Over-Exercising Is Just As Harmful As Overeating

The Dangers of Over Exercising

Over-exercising is a massive stretch on the immune system. Over-exercising is real, very dangerous and can even lead to death. The most common and most occurring symptom of over-exercising is fatigue. You may be fit but over exercising can harm you physically and emotionally.

Preventing over exercising is a key element to better weight management. Most popular way to treat over exercising is through exposure and response prevention. One of the most common signs of over-exercising is to change your heart rate. Continue reading “The Dangers of Over-Exercising”

A Stress Relief Massage

A Stress Relief Massage Can Provide Numerous Benefits

A Stress Relief MassageRelaxation and stress relief massage is designed for stress relief and relaxation. Stress relief massage is just one of the applications for a massage but it is certainly is one of its major uses. The good thing about a quick stress relief massage is that the results are immediate.

Stress relief massage is more than a luxury treatment it does more than just relax the muscles. Stress relief massage is a wonderful gift, to give to yourself, or someone you care about. Stress Relief massage is a type of message that we all need some times. Continue reading “A Stress Relief Massage”

Neck Pain Exercises To Eliminate Pain

Neck Pain Exercises In San Diego

Neck Pain ExercisesNeck pain exercises are one of the best ways to ease neck pain. Neck pain exercises are simple which can be learned easily and it includes simple stretching exercises or pressing the trigger points which can relieve you of the pain or do some aerobics specifically for the neck.

If you have suffered an injury to your neck such as whiplash or if you are experiencing neck pain, the following neck pain exercises are recommended and may help to heal your neck.

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Chiropractic Care For Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in San Diego

 Patellofemoral Pain SyndromePatellofemoral pain syndrome can be defined as a Retro-patellar (behind the kneecap) or Peripatellar (around the kneecap) pain, resulting from physical and biomechanical changes on the patellofemoral joint. Patellofemoral pain syndrome can cause high-level athletes to miss out on their sporting activities because healthcare professionals do not know exactly how to treat the pain.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome can be relieved by avoiding activities that make symptoms worse, such as sitting or kneeling in the bent-knee position for long periods of time and bent-knee exercises, such as squats, deep knee bends, or 90-degree leg extensions. Continue reading “Chiropractic Care For Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome”

Post-Traumatic Headache Syndrome

A Post-Traumatic Headache in San Diego

Post-Traumatic Headache SyndromeA post-traumatic headache is the most common complaint of post-concussion syndrome. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that a post-traumatic headache is most common and indeed often most severe in patients with the least injury.

In terms of diagnosis, post-traumatic headache is thought to be a secondary headache because the injury is from the head trauma, not another issue. Pain caused by Chronic Post Traumatic Headache can often be reduced through chiropractic care, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.

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Chiropractor: Correcting Your Forward Head Posture

Why is your head so far forward? Forward Head Posture

Forward Head PostureForward head posture is endemic to our society. It is a type of bad posture usually caused by too much sitting and misalignment in the pelvis which can cause a chain reaction of muscle and tissue imbalances that make the head go forward.

Typically the muscles complaining in pain in forwarding head posture are the overworked posterior muscles of the neck, which serve to extend, rotate, and laterally bend the head. The forward head carriage can lead to many problems including chronic pain, headaches, numbness from nerve compression, and difficulty with breathing correctly.

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Chiropractic Treatment Best Option For Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Is Quite High In San Diego Area

Sacroiliac Joint PainThe true prevalence of sacroiliac joint pain is unknown and despite a plethora of clinical tests, none of these tests have been validated against an established criterion standard. Patients with sacroiliac joint pain are usually neurologically intact, and the methods used to test the sacroiliac joint lack scientific validity. A number of non-interventional treatment options for sacroiliac joint pain exist, and most patients with sacroiliac joint pain are managed conservatively with a combination of oral medications, physical therapy, and manual therapy.

A number of non-interventional treatment options for sacroiliac joint pain exist, and most patients with sacroiliac joint pain are managed conservatively with a combination of oral medications, physical therapy, and manual therapy.

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Pain Relief For Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis in San Diego

Achilles TendinitisAchilles tendinitis is an overuse injury of the Achilles (uh-KILL-EEZ) tendon, the band of tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone. Achilles tendinitis is characterized by dull or sharp pain anywhere along the back of the tendon, but usually close to the heel. Achilles tendinitis is a common injury that makes the swell, stretch, or tear.

It is one of the most common running injuries and can become a debilitating condition when it is not properly treated, to the point where even walking is painful. Although Achilles tendinitis is mainly diagnosed in runners, it does occur in basketball, volleyball, dancing, gymnastics and other athletic activities, this is also very common among running athletes.

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Painless Chiropractic Migraine Treatment

Chiropractic Migraine Treatment In San Diego

Painless Chiropractic Migraine TreatmentChiropractic migraine treatment is complex, and treatment must be individualized and tailored to the patient’s clinical features. This treatment is divided into non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic management. A new method of migraine treatment is being developed and is now available. Chiropractic migraine treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms and preventing additional attacks.

There are options for migraine sufferers who seek to find a successful chiropractic migraine treatment, some of the alternative therapies that are available to individuals seeking migraine treatment are acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic care, as well as massage therapy. Chiropractic migraine treatment can lessen migraine occurrences when the right migraine treatment is sought. Continue reading “Painless Chiropractic Migraine Treatment”

Avoid Chronic Tension Type Headache

Who Handle Chronic Tension Type Headache In San Diego?

Avoid Chronic Tension Type HeadacheChronic tension type headache is a disorder evolving from frequent episodic tension type headache, with daily or very frequent episodes of a headache, typically bilateral, pressing or tightening in quality and of mild to moderate intensity, lasting hours to days, or unremitting. In fact, chronic tension type headache is unlikely to be caused by stress alone, yet stress can contribute significantly to making headaches worse.

Chronic tension headache is the most common neurological complaint to present to the family physician. This type of a headache is a prevalent condition with substantial socioeconomic impact. Chronic tension-type headache is a common, challenging presentation in clinical practice. A chronic headache is an incapacitating condition afflicting patients at least for 15 days per month.  Continue reading “Avoid Chronic Tension Type Headache”