Spinal Stenosis

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Cases of spinal stenosis are seen by chiropractors throughout San Diego. Spinal Stenosis is a narrowing of the nerve pathways within the vertebral canal. Spinal Stenosis usually causes local low back pain as well as symptoms of sciatica.

Thankfully, most cases of nerve related pain are caused by compression of the nerve at more than one location so even though there may be some nerve compression from the stenosis, chances are that your symptoms are from a secondary source of compression which most likely are due to a classic pinched nerve – which is treatable!

Like many other musculoskeletal conditions, spinal stenosis treatment must be comprehensive and include adjustments from your chiropractor, daily use of ice packs, stretching and exercises.

Treatment for spinal stenosis is usually targeted at the lumbar spine but there are thoracic spinal stenosis treatments as well.

Spinal stenosis in the thoracic spine can cause middle back pain, pain that wraps around the front of your body that follows the ribs and in some severe cases pain that goes through the lower back and into the legs.

In many cases, patients get relief for spinal stenosis with treatment from a chiropractor. Relief for spinal stenosis is dependent on a number of variables including:

  • The severity of the stenosis
  • The age of the patient
  • The patient’s injury history
  • and if there are any other factors that are contributing to the pinched nerves…

… that produce the symptoms that are associated with stenosis. Conservative treatment from a chiropractor is an important step before you commit to more invasive medical treatments for spinal stenosis that can include everything between performing no therapy at all to undergoing radical spinal surgery.

Spinal stenosis exercises are part of a successful treatment plan. Exercising helps increase blood flow to the back which oxygenates the muscles and brings valuable nutrients to the affected structures and concurrently eliminates inflammatory products and lactic acids which only serve to aggravate the area. Strengthening the muscles also adds support and flexibility to the spine which helps stabilize the joints making them less prone to injury. Exercise also helps keep your weight in check which, in turn, reduces weight bearing stress on your spine.


There are few circumstances of neck pain or low back pain that don’t benefit from chiropractic treatment and exercises. Exercises not only help support the spine and work to keep it flexible but in many cases they can also help prevent future injuries of the spine.

A lower back condition that can also be treated with chiropractic adjustments, exercises and other therapies is Sciatica. Click Here to Read More about Sciatica.

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