Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is common in San Diego because a growing number people spend Lower Back Pain Relief Man Sufferingso many hours sitting at a desk working at their computer. Lower back pain is often caused by a combination of long hours of sitting and improper lifting techniques. These stresses have a cumulative effect that your body can’t manage and eventually cause irritation and inflammation of the joints and muscles leading to possibly severe low and mid back pains. Many of the patients who suffer with low back pains in my San Diego chiropractic clinic work sedentary jobs that often require prolonged periods of sitting.

Many of my patients refer to me as their lower back pain chiropractor. Even though I see myself as much more than that, the title doesn’t bother me since I am sure that many patients refer to their chiropractors as lower back pain relief chiropractors as well. In reality, it is a compliment that I believe reflects how much better most patients respond to chiropractic treatment versus medical treatment for lower back issues. For many people with lower back pain, treatment from a chiropractor proves to be a fast, pain free, drug free and less expensive treatment option.

Lumbar vertebra pain is just one cause of the symptoms that are commonly referred to as lower back pain. Lumbar vertebra pains can wreak havoc with your day by interfering with simple household tasks, creating work restrictions and limitations with recreational and / or sporting activities. Lower back pain is often at least partially attributed to irritation, inflammation or subluxated lumbar vertebra. That being said, lumbar vertebra pain is often accompanied by dysfunction of the sacroiliac joints as well making proper diagnosis important before treatment begins.

As is the case with most joint and muscular conditions, low back treatment has to be comprehensive in order to provide fast, long lasting relief. Lower back pain relief comes with a combination of identifying and eliminating stress, adjustments / therapy from your chiropractor and specific exercises and stretches. This combination of therapies improves joint motion and reduces the inflammation that is present in muscles and ligaments during episodes of low back pain. Chiropractic adjustments are consistently ranked as the most effective treatment for lower back pain and patients usually rank treatment from chiropractors as the most satisfying for lower back pain relief.


Lower back pain relief treatment is usually straight forward with the exception of cases that include sciatic pain. There are a number of potential causes of sciatica that are sometimes easily resolved and in other cases require a longer period of treatment from a chiropractor. Because sciatica originates from the lumbar spine, sciatica pain relief can only come through treatment of the low back.

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