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Severe low back pain|San Diego: Severe low back pain is a common complaint that I treat as a chiropractor at my clinic in San Diego. While there are many types of injuries that cause severe low back pains, the common thread among all those who suffer with it is that they want relief. Chiropractors are referred to as “back doctors” and are frequently sought out by patients after low back injuries. Study after study proves that patients get more low back pain relief with care from a chiropractor than from any other type of doctor.

Severe Lower Back Pain:

As a chiropractor, I was trained in all the appropriate examination procedures that allow me to make a severe low back pain diagnosis. Over the course of my career as a chiropractor I have had patients with severe low back pain that resulted from bad posture, sports injuries, work injuries, auto accidents, improper lifting techniques and many other causes. These types of injuries sprain joints, tear muscles, cause herniated discs and pinch nerves. Accurately diagnosing the cause or causes of severe low back pain is vital in order to provide the right kind of treatment.

Severe lower back pain treatment begins with proper diagnosis. Chiropractors are experts in both diagnosing and treating cases of severe low back pain. When a chiropractor provides treatments for severe low back pain, the patient can expect both in office adjustments and therapies as well as therapies to be performed at home. During my years as a chiropractor I have always found that the patients who perform therapies at home as directed in conjunction with in office treatments recover much faster.

Severe Lower Back Pain Exercises: As a chiropractor, I have patients with severe low back pain that have not exercised in years pick my brain as to what exercises they should be doing immediately to help them recover. Unfortunately, there are not really any good exercises for severe lower back pain. Exercises are part of the therapy for severe lower back pain but they almost always aggravate the pain if they are started too soon into treatment. Chiropractors usually incorporate exercises into their treatments when the patient has improved to 80% of their pre-injury status.

In Summary:

Lower Back Pain San Diego: Thankfully, most cases of lower back pain are not considered to be severe. Lower back pain is more easily treated than severe cases because the chiropractor has more options and the patient usually has higher tolerances for treatment. Likewise, diagnosing lower back pain is straight forward compared with severe lower back pain making the proper treatment procedures obvious. Chiropractors have an advantage over traditional medical treatments for lower back pain because of our deep understanding of the spine and the muscles and ligaments that move and support the spine.

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