Back Pain

Most Cases of Back Pain are from Joints and Muscle

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Back pain can emanate from anywhere in the 5 medically termed areas of your spine. (Click on the SPINE Chart.)

A problem with one or more Vertebrae or Discs can result in pain. Pain is an Alert System.

In this BACK Section, We will Discuss the 3 Primary Spinal Vertebrae Regions:

  1. Neck and Upper Back Pain (Cervical Vertebrae)
  2. Mid Back Pain (Thoracic Vertebrae)
  3. Lower Back Pain (Lumbar Vertebrae)

There are many factors that can cause a person to experience back pain. Some of the more likely causes include injuries from sports or car accidents. Others can stem from bad posture,  improper or heavy lifting, or abrupt actions. In some cases, back pain can develop from aging, or conditions like unhealthy weight gain.

Let’s Start With Upper Back Pain

Many cases of neck and upper back pain result from muscle strain. Your back muscles continuously work to hold your spine in healthy alignment. In order to maintain healthy alignment, your back muscles softly pull left, right, up and down all day long – even while you sleep.

If these muscles or muscle groups are required to strain too long or too quickly in one direction or other, they can end up getting strained. This occurs most often when untrained muscles are asked to perform infrequently (weekend warrior), or when muscle groups are stressed because they are required to continuously repeat actions for long periods of time, (i.e. Repetitive Stress Syndrome, Bad Posture).

Upper Back Pain Causes

This is a short list of common upper back pain causes:

  • Extended time periods hunched forward a desktop or laptop computer keyboard
  • Undue stress or tension in workplace or home
  • Improper standing, sitting or laying/sleeping posture
  • Muscle trauma due to injury caused by accidents
  • Muscle injury caused by irregular exercising

As you can see, typical upper back pain is normally a consequence of either muscular irritation causing inflammation or joint misalignment.

Also Consider what Nerve Signals Traveling Through the Different Vertebrae Effect

Muscular Inflammation
Upper back pain is commonly triggered by inflammation and irritation of the large muscles that bind your shoulder blades to your spine and the back of your rib cage.

Joint Malfunction
Malfunction of the joints that lie between vertebra and those that lie between ribs and vertebra are easily irritated by postural stress and car accidents.

Chiropractic adjustments combined with electronic massage and ultrasound are especially effective for treating upper back pain.  Most patients also benefit from using ice packs and performing appropriate stretches and exercises.

What You Should Do?
We always recommend seeing a chiropractor first (natural remedies are best), especially if back pain seems unusual or persists for more than a few days. Cervical area back pain is no exception.

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Now let’s consider Middle Back Pain

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