Good Posture Benefits – Enjoy Better Posture Now

Good posture benefits us in more ways than you can imagine.  For example, did you know that good posture is beneficial to digestion, breathing and even your mental attitude?  Regardless of how you are sitting right now, think about your posture and take inventory of how your back feels then focus on your shoulders and finally on the position of your head relative to your shoulders.  Now I want you to straighten your back so that your lower back has a comfortable forward curve, next I want you to pull your shoulder blades together moving your shoulders back, finally, pull your chin back towards your neck moving your head squarely over your shoulders.  Instantly you should feel better and more confident – even if your posture was good before you did this little exercise.

Good Posture Benefits More Than Our Appearance

Bad posture is easy for most people to recognize in other people – not necessarily in ourselves.  Bad posture can make you appear disinterested, lazy and bored – it can even make your clothes appear to be ill-fitting.  Good posture benefits the way we appear to others and the impression that we leave.  I have read studies that said that when people are photographed in both a good posture and a bad posture and those pictures are shown to others who are then asked to comment on the subjects IQ level that the people in the pictures displaying good posture are believed to be more intelligent than those in the pictures displaying poor posture.

It is no surprise that so many of us have bad posture.  Think about all the time we sat in school lurching over our books and computers – then when we are older, we sit at some computer desk all day at work followed by hours of “fun time” on either our smart phones or at home computers.  All of these activities stretch the muscles in our upper backs and necks while shortening our chest muscles and those in the front of our necks. Of course the muscular imbalance example that I just described is simplified for the sake of this post.

Improving posture begins with awareness and an honest self assessment.  Once you have established your postural shortcomings you can follow up by restricting the activities that encourage bad posture.  Finally, you can begin exercises and stretches that will help re-train your muscles and restore postural balance to your frame which will help you begin to experience good posture benefits.

As a chiropractor,  I am trained to evaluate posture and will work with you to correct your postural issues.  Posture correction is helped by chiropractic adjustments because the adjustments maintain full range of motion which makes your posture exercises much more efficient.  Chiropractic care will also help reduce the pain of bad posture, which also helps us recognize good posture benefits.


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Author: Steve Jones

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