What Likely Causes Your Foot Pain?

Foot Pain Can Be Resolved With Treatment

What Likely Causes Your Foot PainProper evaluation and diagnosis of foot pain are essential in planning a treatment. A common cause of foot pain is an ingrown toenail. If your foot pain is due to an injury or overuse, it will often respond well to rest and cold therapy.

Occasionally, foot pain is caused by a pinched or irritated nerve. Foot pain is a common problem with a wide range of possible causes. Lateral foot pain is common, especially in people who regularly exercise or play sports.

Other reasons for ball foot pain are very high heels, high impact activities that are done without wearing any supporting footwear and orthotics as well.

5 Reasons Your Feet Hurt—And Solutions That’ll Have You Walking Comfortably In No Time

What’s a walker to do—especially if she’s an unabashed high-heel lover? “The first step in fixing chronic foot pain is to understand why you’re having it,” says Olderman. Here, the five most common issues that keep women from pounding the pavement, and what to do for happy feet once again.

Problem No. 1: Plantar Fasciitis
“This is by far the most common problem I see in my middle-aged patients,” says Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM, a podiatrist in Newark, OH. Plantar fasciitis is an overuse syndrome that causes painful inflammation of the band of fibrous tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot (called the plantar fascia). “You don’t find plantar fasciitis in children—they heal too quickly. And you don’t find it in older folks because they’re not out there doing activities that would contribute to it,” says Oster.

Problem No. 2: Bunions and Hammertoes

These painful deformities of the great toe (bunions) and smaller toes (hammertoes) can be genetic, but they get worse if you consistently wear too-tight shoes, says Suzanne C. Fuchs, DPM, a holistic podiatrist and fitness specialist in New Hyde Park, NY. “These joints commonly become painful when shoes rub against them and cause inflammation, swelling, and redness,” she says. With bunions, a firm, painful bump develops at the base of the big toe, sometimes causing that toe to veer diagonally toward the second toe. Check more here.

While pain can be experienced virtually anywhere in the foot, the most common sites of foot pain are in the heel and ankle.

Foot pain


njury, overuse or conditions causing inflammation involving any of the bones, ligaments or tendons in the foot can cause foot pain. Arthritis is a common cause of foot pain. Injury to the nerves of the feet may result in intense burning pain, numbness or tingling (peripheral neuropathy).

Some common causes of foot pain include:

  1. Achilles tendinitis
  2. Achilles tendon rupture
  3. Avulsion fracture: How is it treated?
  4. Bone spurs
  5. Broken ankle/broken foot
  6. Broken toe
  7. Bunions
  8. Bursitis
  9. Corns and calluses
  10. Diabetic neuropathy
  11. Flatfeet
  12. Gout
  13. Haglund’s deformity. Read more here.

Treatment of foot pain will depend on the cause of the pain and may involve medication, strengthening, stretching, and possibly the use of and physical therapy.

Can Chiropractors Help With Foot Pain?

You feel pain in your feet after your daily workout,and you wonder whether something has gone wrong. It is great for an athlete or dedicated exerciser to give attention to their body’s signals and if that pain persists, you do need to seek some workable answers. After all, your feet are sending you a message and it is of the utmost importance to pay attention.

So, to answer the question of “how can chiropractors help with foot pain?“, what is it that they do. A chiropractor is an expert at looking at the body and discovering ways how it is being used, something known as compensatory movement. This movement is out of form, or a big “no no” in athletic training. In fact, almost any high intensity athletes can benefit from a chiropractor’s exam, as this will reveal how they have unknowingly adjusted their movements to accommodate weaknesses.

When you have foot pain, it is likely that compensatory movements have caused you to move the feet and ankles improperly too. This leads to pain, and if not adjusted properly, it can lead to reduced athletic performance and even long term damage to the bones or tendons in the feet. See full article here.

The Best Way To Treat Foot Pain Will Depend On The Exact Cause

Foot pain can affect any part of your foot, from your toes to your Achilles tendon at the back of your heel. The most common causes of foot pain are overuse activities and injury to the foot. Evaluating the cause of foot pain can require an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of not only the foot, but also the ankle, lower extremity, and lower spine. Patients with foot pain will respond well to conservative treatment like physical therapy.

Common injuries that cause foot pain are plantar fasciitis, stress fractures and muscle strains. Treatment of many of foot pain can lead to complications, chronic long-term pain, disability, and arthritis of the affected foot. Foot pain can also occur on the inner or outer side of the foot and toes and may come on gradually over time or very suddenly. Depending on the cause of the ankle or foot pain will determine the treatment, contact us here: (619) 831-8777.

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